Art, Craft and Beyond! Atzi Designs Goes Coast to Coast, Tomorrowland Brasil with EDM DJ Darlings NERVO



"With today’s release of the Official Tomorrowland Brasil After Movie we take a quick look back at what happened to Atzi Designs in the last month and how the designer and her brand are quickly rising to the top!

(Published 6/9/2015)

(5/29/2015) Art, Craft and Beyond! Atzi Designs Goes Coast to Coast and to Tomorrowland Brasil with EDM DJ Darlings NERVO.

MUSIC :: (May 1-3, 2015, Brazil) The all-time top-ranking female DJ duo in the world and first Electronic Dance Music DJ sisters, Liv and Mim NERVO, rock custom Atzi Designs head dresses at Tomorrowland Brasil.

Florida native, Atzi Designs Founder Maritza Regalado was presented the opportunity to design for NERVO by DJ Gemini, a longtime friend in Tampa.  By creating head dresses with the NERVO logo then making them light up with el wires, neon, glow-in-the-dark threads and decorating them with colorful feathers and rhinestones, the designer was able to create for the massively popular stars a unique and custom electric fashion statement.

The NERVO sisters face a non-stop travel and performance schedule around the globe. Their celebrity grows from musical talent but also from their social media popularity, where they have emerged as not only music but fashion pop icons. The flashy and wild, haute-couture styles of NERVO splash across an Instagram page that reads like the photo album of a dream celebrity trip around the world… on smash!  All this rhymes true with the look of the eccentrically beautiful and unique, ‘Bohemian Chic’ statement pieces of Atzi Designs.  Amassing millions of fans from the ranks of social media is no small feat. NERVO has achieved it and Atzi Designs is well on its way.  Regalado also credits her early successes, including sales and the inspiration to pursue Atzi Designs as a fashion brand, to overwhelming positive feedback and response on social media.



“Designing for Nervo was amazing! Liv and Mim are incredibly nice.  I couldn’t wait to see them perform in my head dresses! Their energy and style is what Atzi Designs is about – living in the moment and being free!” -Atzi Designs Founder, Maritza Regalado 

NERVO headlined with 200 DJs for over 180,000 international fans during the 3-day music festival and 5-day camping experience at the inaugural Tomorrowland Brasil.  Sister to the original Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, the festival “invites the People of Tomorrow to discover The Book of Wisdom” in the magical ground of Parque Maeda in Itu, Sao Paolo, Brazil."



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